Not many game for video gaming career, boom notwithstanding

Publisher: DECCAN HERALD, By Ramzauva Chhakchhuak, Bengaluru, October 8, 2015.

According to Nasscom, the Indian gaming industry is estimated to be worth around $ 890 million and is pegged for rapid growth in the coming years.

On the international stage, gaming events and competitions see participation from a number of professional gamers and the prize money involved is also huge, according to industry experts.

Trupti Latur from Dumadu Games Pvt.Ltd said, “At the international level, there are competitions with prize money to the tune of Rs 43 crore. Although we have not reached a level where we can compete internationally, things have definitely picked up and we are also trying to make various things happen by opening up various challenges and organising competitions. Gaming can definitely become a sport, especially with growth in e-sports. We are guessing that this might happen soon in India.”