Football Kick Flick

Requires iOS 4.3 or later

Football Kick Flick – Free Rugby Football Field Goal Kicks

Check Out Game Trailer Video:

Football Kick Flick is the latest of the Rugby on Appstore. Football, also better known as Rugby is Countries like Australia, is an intense sports game and if you want to experience the latest Rugby experience on your iPhone and iPad, download this game.

Like all our new games made through breakthrough technology, this game too has come out clean with an awesome Football experience for all Football and Rugby fans. Play Football Kick Flick and experience the different game modes that will challenge your rugby skills. The Flick action is backed up with amazing visuals and vibrant special animation effects to give you the real feel of the game.

Football Kick Flick features a whole new gameplay system with 4 different modes of gameplay.

The game presents a genuine and brand new look throughout your action

4 Different modes

A. Training – Get a feel of the game before you wage the war
B. Clock Showdown – You get 60 second to make it big, score as much as possible
C. Sudden Death – You get one chance to survive, do or die.
D. Skill shots – Through the Rings, Hit the Bars, No Swing in the Storm

4 Different Rugby balls:

A. Born Natural
B. Speed Star
C. Swing Master
D. Windcheater

4 Game Upgrades:

A. Coin Upgrade
B. XP Upgrade
C. Time Upgrade
D. Life Upgrade