Dark Runner™ Ultimate

Dark Runner™ Ultimate

Dark Runner™ Ultimate

Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Dark Runner™ Ultimate is a combo of 2 versions, 55 levels of Campaign action and the second is an unlimited arcade running gameplay (Infinity version).

This new version comes with more challenging features in the gameplay. Slide on ropes to evade death, Shaky bridge to dislodge you, Collect magnet to bag all the stars.

All you have to do in this game is to take control of the guy who is Running, Jumping and Rolling over obstacles, Deadly Gaps. Leap across buildings, roll under concrete structures, slide on the ropes, pass through shaky bridges and zoom ahead completing each level. Energize yourself and run through metal obstacles, avoid the spinning wheels, Escape the spikes.

RUNNING – Run as long as you can, set records and beat the challenges thrown at you.

OBSTACLES – Deadly rolling wheels that can crush, Sharp poisonous spikes, Deadly gaps on the running platforms.

Power Ups and Bonus – Collect as many stars as possible, Time you jump on the Spring and leap to success.


Campaign modes

– The Run – 30 levels of awesome running

– The Ultimatum – 35 levels of very hard Action

Arcade modes

– Unlimited fun awaits you

Game Quests:

– Run, Roll, Jump to Survive
– 55 levels of exciting adventure + Unlimited Arcade action
– Escaping hazards are deadly
– Awesome power-ups for your rescue

These obstacles come in different ways and take you by surprise in every moment of the game.

After all, you are running here for survival.

___________The Running never ends____________