Dumadu bets big on India’s eager e-gamers

Publisher: mydigitalfc.com, By Ritwik MukherjeeNov 08 2015, Kolkata

Dumadu Games, an upcoming e-sport and mobile game brand, is betting big on the Indian gaming industry which is estimated to be over Rs 2,000 crore now, and is expected to cross the Rs 4,000 crore mark by 2018.

With established players such as Moon Frog and Nautilus Games already in the fray, Dumadu, which has introduced more than 90 games titles and 150 client games cross 2D and 3D games development platforms, aims to create a niche for itself in both the domestic as well as international markets.

It is for this reason that it is planning to venture into new geographies like South Korea, Japan, the US and Sweden, where gaming is growing very rapidly. “However, India has a lot of opportunity in terms of user base and a lot of international companies are targeting their focus here. Being a five-year-old company with a larger user base from India, Dumadu looks at taking advantage of the experience and channelling it for best purposes,” Trupti Latur, co-founder, Dumadu Games

“India is home to many talented gaming aspirants with great potential to translate a casual hobby into a profession. And now with the rise in the use and accessibility of smartphones, the gaming industry holds an enduring promise not only for gamers but also for developers and this indicates that there is an escalating need for many platforms like the video game festival that we hosted last month,” said Latur.

Dumadu Games was associated with the Video Game Festival (VGF) that took place in Bangalore on October 10 and 11. Enthused by its success, the company now plans to make it an annual event. “VGF is working closely with the Karnataka government to create an opportunity in the space and there is some exciting elements that will be revealed soon.”

At present, the company offers games like Pool 3D, Tennis Pro 3D, Pocket Bowling 3D, Parking 3D, Cricket 3D, and thinks that the best way to promote the brand would be to expand the overall market size and promote e-gaming as a whole.