Dumadu Games is one of the leading cross platform mobile game development and outsourcing companies with its head-quarters in Bangalore, India. We are committed to developing visually appealing and technically advanced mobile games applications that appeal to all ages. Read more about Dumadu.


In a short span of 3 years, Dumadu has created a niche for itself in the booming mobile gaming industry with credits to some of the most winning games like Dark Runner Series, Pocket Bowling 3D, Pool 3D and Cube Runner 3D.

Having released some great iOS, Android and Windows, Dumadu is now one of the best independent games developer and publisher of India.

All this is possible much because of our skilled game designing and developing team. Thus we are always in search of young and talented folks to join our team. We help individuals to take their career to higher altitudes in the gaming industry.


We at Dumadu Games value our people and their efforts and thus provide an enthused and rewarding atmosphere where they can easily follow their passion of developing great games. We work in self-ruling teams where each employee is given equal opportunities to contribute to both the design and implementation of all our games.

As an individual you can work across multiple areas and make noteworthy contributions to each game you work on.


Game app development is a collaborative process which involves a person to work with multi-disciplinary teams. Therefore, we at Dumadu Games are seeking for candidates who:

  • Are Self-starters
  • Passionate about games
  • Good communication skills
  • Pay attention to details
  • Can co-ordinate with different teams
  • Wish to work on the kind of games Dumadu Games develops

Discover why game users want our applications and what makes our applications out do the competition with ease. Find this great new opportunity to start your career with us by applying to us today here at careers@dumadu.com

This is no doubt one of the best opportunities to work on amazingly challenging projects with the largest companies in the world.

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