A mobile game to take you into the surreal

Publisher: DECCAN HERALD, By Ramzauva Chhakchhuak, April 17, 2015, Bengaluru.

A Bengaluru-based firm has come out with a unique concept of applying the basics of virtual reality—touted as the next big frontier in gaming—to mobile gaming:

Virtual Reality Mobile Games

Virtual Reality Mobile Games

 At the ‘Pocket Gamer Connects, the International Mobile Game Conference’ which kicked off here on Thursday, a number of indigenous mobile game developers showcased their latest and best creations.

At first sight, the ‘sniper shooting game’ developed by Dumadu Games looks like any conventional mobile game of similar style, but its uniqueness is that it is designed to be played using a customised headgear on which one’s phone has to be mounted.

“On the side of the headgear is a button that can be pulled up and down. A magnetic sensor communicates with the mobile device whenever the button is pulled, and one can zoom in and out using it and shoot. The game will be available across iOS, Android and Windows platform,” explained Sangram Patil, the chief marketing officer of Dumadu Games. Turn left or right and you will enter the topography of the game comprising ragged mountains and deserted buildings.

The game is still in the process of development and the company aims to bring it out within a month. “For now, we simply call our game the ‘sniper shooting game’ and the headgear needed to play it can be bought on any e-commerce site. Although we have started with a shooting game, we aim to develop other games based on this concept of virtual reality using our customised headgear,” said Sangram.

Desi flavour:

‘Ragni Cricket’, developed by the Nashik-based Winjit Technologies, has already received as many as 52,000 downloads since its launch on February 4. Based on the superstar, Rajinikanth, this game allows any player, in true Rajini style, to defy every law in science and cricket. Rajini is sometimes seen hitting the ball to other planets or even shooting any bowler that gets him out.

Another game developed by the same company a year ago is based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In ‘Bhag Modi Bhag’, he is seen running and completing various tasks in order to develop each state of the country.

“We have made a conscious decision to make India-themed games as we believe they can sell well. In any case, the global market is already saturated with a dozen, similar games. But we believe our game is something unique,” said Manish Bhatia, a programmer with the company.

Using the artwork of Madhubani paintings, Khaja Vali, another mobile gaming firm, has created the character ‘Pilu’, whose mission is collect as many roses as he can for his love interest.