Darts Ultimate

Darts Ultimate is the latest of darts games on Google Play. The game comes with exciting gameplay, modes & stunning 3D graphics. So, brace up yourselves to aim for the bull’s eye!

This is one of simplest yet sophisticated darts games you’ll ever come across. All you need to do is to aim the dart and drag it to hit the target.

Once you hit the dartboard, a close-up view will show you how well you did. Practice this easy darts game until you master it and beat your own high score.

***Darts Ultimate Features***
Swipe darts to shoot
Play 301, 501, Tic Tac Toe, Time Attack modes
Pass and Play Multiplayer
Bet your coins against 3 Opponents
Challenge a computer A.I. opponent
Stunning 3D graphics
Addicting game concept
Amazing background music

It’s time to become a virtual darts champion with this awesome game – Darts Ultimate!
Get it for your device NOW!!