Archer the Bow Master

Archer the Bow Master is a classic bow & arrow game that’s packed with stunning 3D realistic graphics, challenging modes and exciting power-ups! Practice your shooting skills and go on to be the best bowman.

The game objective is simple – Drag, Flick and shoot the target with your arrows. But it’s one game that’s easy to play but hard to master. Simply slide your fingers across the device just as you would control a real bow and arrow with your hands. Draw your bow, take aim and release the Robin Hood hidden in you!

NB: Though, anciently archery has been used for hunting and combat, it’s regarded more as recreational activities nowadays!

____Game Modes____
• Classic: Try to score as many points as possible with limited number of arrows. The level of difficulty increases as you play but if you hit on bull’s eye no of arrows won’t reduce. Power Up the game by earning 500 coins and buy a ‘Super Arrow’ that is without gravity and thus will not take projectile.

• Challenge mode: Try to get more than 75 point with 12 arrows. Also, clear top 3 levels out of total 15 levels and get rewarded with coins which you can use to buy the ‘Super arrow’.

____ Game Features____
• Most Realistic 3D physics based game
• 2 Exciting modes (Classic & Challenging)
• Exciting Power-ups
• Game gets challenging when the board starts moving
• Challenge your friends over Game Center & be the hunting champion!

____Shooting Tips____
– Pull the bow on the screen
– Take aim moving to left or right
– Let the ‘Power Bar’ go fully green
– Confirm the direction, speed & strength of wind
– Drag your finger to shoot the weapon and attack the board

Download the game and get your bow loaded with arrow and go on shooting…!!