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“I am a Gamer at heart and I feel Life is like a video game, of you keep coming up against new challenges; you’re going in the right direction.”
Narsimha Reddy
CEO / Dumadu Games
“I have personally enjoyed playing video games. I do play when I get the time, the Brian Lara game. Now I’ll play Dream Run when I get back to Sri Lanka.”
Sanath Jayasuriya
Former Cricket Player
"Having more than 200 titles and 38+ Million downloads; Dumadu has its presence in all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Tizen and so on. We now focusing on Smart TVs, VR and other Gaming platforms, where we can showcase our gaming capabilities."
Guruprasad Jerri
Head - Products, Publishing / Dumadu Games
“India has a lot of opportunity in terms of user base and a lot of international companies are targeting their focus here. Being a five-year-old company with a larger user base from India, Dumadu looks at taking advantage of the experience and channeling it for best purposes.”
Trupti Latur
Brand Manager / Dumadu Games